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If you are looking for a long day filled with dense, scholarly papers on how academics think software quality can be approached, forget about the PSQT conference. On the other hand, if you are looking for a full week chock-full of lively and timely information about software quality and testing, presented by nationally known experts who actually practice what they preach, then PSQT is for you.

Each attendee has the opportunity to customize their learning experience to get the most information that will help them and their organization immediately. To stay informed about upcoming events, sign up for our mailing list or leave us a comment.

The PSQT 2011 West & North Conferences are going to be setup the same as last year's conferences. This is in response to the overwhelming interest in Education-Based Certifications.

PSQT Quick Facts
PSQT is the fastest growing conference that focuses on practical software quality techniques.
PSQT is expected to host 200 software quality assurance professionals based on past conference attendance.
PSQT features internationally recognized field experts. The conference focuses on software quality from a real world perspective, providing innovative yet practical solutions to software quality challenges.
PSQT features concurrent sessions on software product and process quality assurance areas such as Testing, Inspections, Reviews and Walk Throughs, Software Process Assessment and Improvement, Quality Management, Measurements and Benchmarking, Configuration Management and Version Control, Change Tracking, Requirement Management, and automated tools supporting a software quality life cycle.
PSQT features 30 one-day tutorials on basics of software testing, requirement engineering, software metrics and measurements, project management, testing internet and web applications, and testing object-oriented systems