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Agile Testing

Agile testing is a kind of software testing practice which is based on the principles of agile software development. The testing involved testing from the customer’s point of view as quickly and early as possible. This results in codes becoming stable enough right from unit level testing. Today more and more teams are switching to agile methods because of the simplicity of the principles followed by easiness of its employment. Moreover, agile software testing allows better transparent communication with the customers resulting in accurate planning and bug-free product release.

When it comes to agile software development the working increments of the software is released very often followed by requirements to test often. Thus, utilizing automatic testing is seen to reduce the amount of manual labor. In agile development if only manual testing is done the end result is likely to be buggy software followed by missing the release schedules. For a successful agile testing it is highly recommended to follow few steps like conducting a daily brief meeting, ensuring a face to face communication, deliver working software frequently.

The advantage of daily brief meeting helps the entire team to understand the current status of the project, work to complete before the next meeting followed by discussing the issues and risks faced the team members. The project manager can act as a facilitator to ensure that discussions remains focused on key issues only.

An effective line of communication both within the team and outside the team is important. It tremendously helps in reviewing and prioritizing the new defects found. Sometimes change request come from client and with clear line of communication such vital piece of information gets distributed among the team members without any noise.

For an effective agile testing subject matter experts as well as BA’s is recommended to join after specific period in the concerned projects that promotes better communication. It helps to review the defects with the test teams before formally raised. Secondly, when Subject matters experts work with testing team during test case preparation it is ensured that the information is correct resulting in accurate software testing. Involving a user in agile team helps to improve the utility of the released product and thus serving the target audience in more sharp and precise.

It can be said that these above aspects of agile testing matches with the ones that we follow in other projects from time to time. Following the principles required for a successful agile testing is a must that also improves the software quality to be released.

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