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Inspections and Review of all lifecycle artifacts

Inspections and Review of all lifecycle artifacts

Formal inspections and reviews are necessary to apply to any product of the software development process. Thus software formal inspections process along with technical reviews of a product of the software life cycle should be organized in order to aim to detect and eliminate defects in the early stages of each products development. Inspections and Review of all lifecycle artifacts is required to evaluate and immediately fed back to the improvements in the quality of future products.

Implementing formal inspections into the software development process can have a direct positive impact on project cost, schedule, and functionality. Due to the extensive implementation of object oriented development emphasis that will be on formal inspections in an object oriented environment.

What is inspection?

The inspections are considered as a process of confirming intellectual products that manually examine the developing product. The purpose of inspections is the detection of defects. There are two aspects of inspections to address. The first one is the inspections that take place in the early stages in software life cycle and scrutinize a piece of the developing product at a time. These stages include requirements, design, and coding. The shortcoming in the first stage would be greater than before to more defects in design stage and much more defects in coding stage without inspections. Thus it is necessary to detect defects at the early moments.

Why use inspections?

Inspections and Review of all lifecycle artifacts are essential to augment the contribution to increase excellence, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. The cost of quality, experience with inspections shows that time supplemented to the development cycle to accommodate the inspection process is more than which is gained back in the testing and manufacturing cycles.

Differences between inspections and reviews

In the process of quality control, inspection is a mechanism that has been established extremely as the most effective option for the specific objective of product verification in many development activities. While reviews have less structured procedures., they can have many purposes and formats. Reviews can mainly used to form decisions and resolve issues of design and development. To conclude, inspections perform the best task rather than reviews.

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